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About Jiggle Box

Jiggle Box is a tool to automate Jiggle motion and movement similar to tail, fin and hair on character rigs. Jiggle box was developed as part of my MFA thesis at Savannah College of Art and Design. The intention of this tool is to improve college animation production pipeline by providing a tool which helps student filmmakers to implement secondary motion on their characters. The tool is built keeping in mind the artistic thought process. Presets like the style of animation help in making it even more user friendly for students. The tool is completely written using Python. 

Jiggle Demo

Using Jiggle Box, jiggle motion can be implemented on various parts of the body. The tool utilizes Maya muscle skin deformer system to achieve the jiggle effect. Using this tool you can get basic jiggle motion very quickly, also you can further tweak the motion as you progress with your animation. The jiggle weights can be changed or completely removed at any moment during the production pipeline. The following video demonstrates how to use the tool functionality.

Tentacle Demo

Tentacle rig functionality of the tool helps to automate secondary motion similar to tail, fin, and ear, sea weed, snake, etc. The following video demonstrates how to use this tool functionality.

Thesis paper and Research

Thesis paper containing more information about my research on the tool can downloaded from this pdf link.

Tool Setup requirements

Muscle Plugin: This tool utilizes Maya muscle skin deformer.The muscle system is active on Maya by default and need not be installed seperately. In case the script gives errors you can activate Maya muscle using the plug in manager. Information on installing the plugin can be located here


Paint weight display bug : Sometimes the paint weights are not visible on the mesh and the solution for that is to keep the 'Locators' visibility On from the 'show' panel drop down option.


Compatibility: This tool utilizes inbuilt nHair and Maya muscle system which means only version Maya 2007 and later will be able to run this tool.

Tool features

* Presets to suit different style of animation

* Jiggle motion can be implemented on multiple body parts (belly, fleshy face, hips etc)

* Flexibility to create multiple tentacle rigs within the same scene

* Flexibility to make multiple tentacle rigs with different dynamic settings

* Research based presets to hide the backend dynamic settings

* Formation of groups to keep the hierarchy clean and tidy.

* Option to create a shelf button to invoke the script.

* Step by step instructions

* Text notes to make each step more understandable




The paint strokes are not visible on the mesh:

Maya system has a skin bug, because of which the paint visibility disappears from the mesh. Try turning ON the locator visibility.

Show --> Locators.

The script does turn on locators when it is run for the first time.


The default hair system is not selected in Step4, when creating the tentacle :

If the UI has been restarted, the values are lost and the first system is not the default hair system anymore. You will need to now select the hairsystem from the outliner for this step.


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